Things that Are 7 Meters Long

Are you trying to figure out how long 7 meters is? It’s about the same as 22.9659 feet or 7.65529 yards. Still confused as to how long 7 meters looks? No surprise there—without a ruler, these numbers can’t help much when visualizing lengths. But what can help is using everyday objects as size references.

The following objects can be used to measure 7 meters:

  • 3-1/2 doors
  • 5 queen or king mattresses
  • 4 yoga mats
  • 1-1/2 sedans
  • 4-1/2 bathtubs
  • 7 guitars
  • 4 refrigerators
  • 2-3/4 pool tables
  • 14 50-liter kegs
  • 2-1/2 ping pong tables

1. 3-1/2 Doors


Did you know doors have got some cool history? In ancient times, doors were often covered in symbols and carvings to keep out evil spirits. How odd is it for people to feel reassured by scratches on their door? The title of the world’s largest door goes to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, a gigantic 139 meters tall! But how tall is that really?

The height of the average door is 2.1 meters. So, the door at NASA is about 66 times taller than the average door, but we don’t need that many to get a height of 7 meters. Simply imagine stacking 3-1/2 of them on top of each other and voila!

2. 5 Queen or King Mattresses

5 Queen or King Mattresses

Since the dawn of man, people needed to sleep. The mattress came about roughly 77,000 years ago, which was made of plant materials. Here’s something that will shock you—this mattress measured 22 meters long! It wouldn’t be until the Ancient Egyptians for the mattress to undergo some pretty huge changes, including being placed on raised platforms.

Modern-day mattresses come in various sizes, with queen and king sizes being among the largest. Both of these mattress sizes are 80 inches (2.032 meters), so roughly 5 of them aligned lengthwise should get you somewhere near the 7-meter mark.

3. 4 Yoga Mats

4 Yoga Mats

Yoga isn’t just about twisting like a pretzel! It’s been around for over 5,000 years. Originally, it was more about meditation and spiritual growth than stretching. The first yoga mats, which only became an essential accessory relatively recently, were actually rugs or grass mats. Imagine doing a downward dog on grass!

Need a cool way to measure 7 meters? Just think about yoga mats! If you line up about 4 standard 68-inch (1.727 meters) yoga mats end-to-end, you’re looking at roughly 7 meters.

5. 1-1/2 Sedans


The term literally “sedan” literally means “to sit,” but in the car world, it refers to a car with a closed body and seats 4-5 people. Sedans used to be the go-to car type, but recently, its popularity has been dwindling. While some of the more popular EVs are sedan models, we can expect newer and cooler electric SUVs and crossovers to hit the market.

Want to visualize 7 meters? Picture 2 sedans parked end to end and visually split one of their lengths in half. Most sedans are about 14 feet or 4.2672 meters long, so 1-1/2 of them nose to tail give you a pretty good idea of what 7 meters looks like.

6. 4-1/2 Bathtubs


Bathtubs are where we can lay back after a long day at work, but they weren’t always made for relaxation. In ancient times, they were mainly for public bathing, like in Rome’s grand bathhouses. And get this: the first luxury bathtub in the US was made from an iron hog scalder! Now, that’s a weird bath story.

Imagine you want to figure out what 7 meters looks like. Think about it in terms of bathtubs! Line up about 4-1/2 average (60 inches or 1.524 meters) bathtubs end-to-end. With a capacity of between 30 and 90 gallons per 60-inch tub, we’re looking at potentially 135 to 405 gallons of water (assuming the tubs are full) in 7 meters of porcelain!

7. 7 Guitars

7 Guitars

Guitars haven’t always had 6 strings; they started with only 4! Did you know the world’s biggest guitar is over 13 meters long? Imagine trying to strum that! And guitars can be made from some wild materials, like armadillo shells. That would make for a unique jamming session.

Need a fun way to imagine 7 meters? Picture lining up 7 guitars end-to-end. Most guitars are about 96.5 centimeters long from the end of the body to the tip of the headstock.

8. 4 Refrigerators

4 Refrigerators

Refrigerators are cool in more ways than one! The first home refrigerator was invented in 1913, but before that, people used ice houses or ice boxes. Imagine shopping for a giant block of ice instead of a fridge! And some fridges can even send you a selfie of their insides now.

Ever wonder how to guess 7 meters without a tape measure? Think of refrigerators! If you stack about 4 average-sized (70 inches or 1.778 meters) refrigerators, you’ve got a pretty good visual for 7 meters high. Pretty cool, right?

9. 14 50-liter Kegs

14 50 liter Kegs

Kegs are the party heroes, but they’ve been around longer than you think, dating back to ancient times. Originally, they were made from wood, but now they’re mostly metal. And here’s something fun you might not know: the world’s largest keg can hold up to 219,000 liters.

There are several types of kegs, with 50-liter kegs being a popular choice for parties. These kegs are about 20 inches tall (50.8 centimeters), so you’d need about a stack of 14 kegs to reach 7 meters. This is 6 kegs more than the recommended stack height.

10. 2-1/2 Ping Pong Tables

Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a game with a surprising twist: it was originally an indoor alternative to lawn tennis. Can you imagine playing tennis on your dining table? And the balls were once made of cork! Nowadays, those lightweight ping pong balls can travel at super-fast speeds. The record is 1,126.1 meters per second!

If you’re trying to picture 7 meters, just think about ping pong tables! Line up 2-1/2 standard (9 feet or 2.7432 meters) ping pong tables end-to-end, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of that length. Game, set, match, and measure!