M & M Bag Sizes

It’s hard not to miss the wide assortment of M&M bag sizes in your favorite grocery store. These colorful, chocolate-filled morsels have been a staple treat for decades. Their popularity has led to the production of numerous sizes to suit different needs, from snacking solo to sharing with friends.

M&Ms are packaged in several sizes. The most common bag contains 1.69 oz of candy, while the M&M Peanut Party Size weighs over 2 pounds. Variety packs can weigh considerably more.

Common m & m bag sizes

This guide will further break down the variety of M&M bag sizes and briefly cover how “healthy” these delightful treats are.

Breakdown of M&M Bag Sizes

M&Ms, those delightful chocolate candies coated in a crunchy shell, have been a favorite for many across generations. With their growing popularity, a variety of bag sizes have emerged to fulfill diverse snacking needs.

Full Size

This refers to the typical M&M bag you’ve probably snacked on in the past. These pouches contain 1.69 oz of these milk chocolate buttons. Smaller varieties exist, but those are usually reserved for handing out during Halloween and younger snackers.

Share Size

Share Size M&M bags contain 2.83 oz. As the name suggests, these bags should satiate the snacking needs for multiple people, but a single hungry M&M lover can devour the entirety of the bag’s contents without much trouble.

Resealable Sharing Size

This bag contains 8.6 oz of M&Ms and comes in a resealable bag for future snacking. You can find these bags filled with several M&M varieties, from the classic milk chocolate buttons to the Crunch and Peanut types.

If that wasn’t enough you chocolate lovers, perhaps you’ll find the 10.7 oz. sharing bag size more to your liking.

Party Size

Throwing a party with more than a handful of guests? Then you’ll want to pick up a pouch of Party Size M&Ms, which contains a whopping 38 oz of this delectable treat. These bags are perfect for tailgates, hosting Super Bowl parties, and even solo-snacking for the next couple of days.

The Variety of M&Ms Flavors

Over the years, the brand has introduced a wide array of flavors to delight every palate. While the classic milk chocolate M&Ms remain a favorite, many other flavors have been added to the lineup.

Classic Flavors and their Typical Packaging

The M&M journey began with its foundational flavors, which still occupy a significant spot in the hearts of many.

  • Milk Chocolate: The original M&Ms. These are what started it all. Encased in colorful shells, the milk chocolate M&Ms offer a sweet and creamy taste.
  • Peanut: Introduced after the classic milk chocolate, peanut M&Ms have a crunchy center surrounded by chocolate. They provide a perfect blend of nutty and sweet flavors.
  • Peanut Butter: A hit among peanut butter enthusiasts, these M&Ms combine the creamy texture of peanut butter with the signature M&M chocolate coating.
  • Packaging Details: Classic flavors typically come in all standard M&M bag sizes, from Fun Size to Bulk Bags. Their widespread popularity means they’re readily available at most stores.

Seasonal and Limited-Edition Flavors

M&Ms often celebrates seasons and special occasions with unique flavors, making them even more exciting.

  • Mint M&Ms: Often associated with the winter holidays, mint M&Ms bring a cool, refreshing twist to the traditional chocolate.
  • White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie: A flavor that captures the essence of fall and Thanksgiving. It combines the sweetness of white chocolate with the spiciness of pumpkin pie.
  • Strawberry Nut: An intriguing blend that was introduced for Valentine’s Day. The combination of strawberry flavor with a nut center is both sweet and satisfying.
  • Packaging Details: Seasonal flavors are generally available in standard and sharing sizes. Since they’re available for a limited time, they might not be as widely distributed as the classic flavors.

International Variations in M&M Flavors

M&Ms aren’t just a treat for Americans; they’ve captured the taste buds of people around the world. This global love has led to the introduction of flavors catering to specific regional preferences.

  • Mexican Jalapeño Peanut: Introduced for a global flavor contest, this flavor combines the heat of jalapeños with the sweetness of chocolate. It resonated well with those who like a spicy kick.
  • Thai Coconut Peanut.: Targeted towards the Asian market, this flavor blends the nutty taste of coconut with the delectable crunch of peanuts.
  • Packaging Details: International flavors, while sometimes available in the U.S. for limited times, are primarily found in their target markets. The packaging usually reflects cultural themes or popular elements of the region.

Sports Inspired

While professional athletes may not appreciate M&Ms for their empty calories (more on the health aspect of this candy later), professional sports leagues aren’t shy to collaborate with this candy brand.

NBA and MLB-themed M&Ms are available. For the MLB, team logos are stamped (not really) onto the individual buttons. NBA M&Ms, however, are much simpler—you can find containers of M&Ms in the colors of your favorite team.

How M&M Variety Affects Packaging Weight

Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter, and other M&M varieties may be sold in similar packing sizes, but you’ll most likely find their weights to be slightly different.

This is mainly due to the different ingredients used in each variety. For instance, Peanut M&Ms contain peanuts, which swell the size of the M&M. This means that there may be slight weight differences between, say, Full Size Milk Chocolate and Full Size Peanut M&Ms.

M&M Nutritional Facts

For many, M&Ms are a delightful treat that brings joy with every bite. While indulging in these colorful candies, it’s also good to be informed about their nutritional content.

Milk Chocolate

Nutrient Amount per 100g
Calories 480
Total Fat 19g
Sodium 130mg
Total Carbohydrates 70
Protein 5.1g


Nutrient Amount per 84g
Calories 440
Total Fat 22g
Sodium 40mg
Total Carbohydrates 52g
Protein 8g

Peanut Butter

Nutrient Amount per 28g
Calories 150
Total Fat 8g
Sodium 60mg
Total Carbohydrates 16g
Protein 3g


Nutrient Amount per 1.5oz
Calories 210
Total Fat 10g
Sodium 20mg
Total Carbohydrates 29g
Protein 2g