Ladder Golf Dimensions

Ladder golf, also known as ladder toss, is a unique and engaging lawn game perfect for family gatherings and outdoor parties. The fun of this game revolves around its specific ladder golf dimensions. Using a series of bolas, players aim to hook their throws on the rungs of a ladder-like structure.

The standard dimensions of ladder golf include a ladder structure with 3 rungs spaced 3 inches (7.62 cm) apart. The top rung is approximately 39 inches (99.06 cm) from the ground. Players use bolas, consisting of two balls spaced 13 inches apart by a rope.

This guide will briefly cover the basics of ladder golf and its equipment before describing their measurements in greater detail. You can also learn how to construct your own ladder golf set on your own!

What Is Ladder Golf?

Ladder golf, also known as ladder toss, is a captivating outdoor game that combines skill and fun, making it a favorite for family gatherings, picnics, and backyard parties. This game involves players throwing bolas—2 balls connected by a string—towards a ladder structure, aiming to hook them on one of its 3 rungs.

Basic Rules and Gameplay

Players or teams take turns throwing bolas at the ladder while standing 5 feet away. The goal is to hook the bolas on one of the three rungs. The top rung scores three points, the middle rung two points, and the bottom rung one point. Games are typically played to an exact point total, often 21, and must be won by at least 2 points.

Variations and Customizations

Players can adjust the game’s difficulty by changing the throwing distance or modifying the point system. Customizable options also extend to the equipment, with many players creating personalized bolas and ladders.

Ladder Golf Equipment and Dimensions

Ladder golf requires specific equipment to play. Let’s go over what they are and their measurements.

1. The Ladder Golf Rack

The rack in ladder golf is the central piece of equipment. It’s typically made of PVC pipes or similar lightweight, durable materials. The standard ladder has three rungs, each spaced 13 inches apart. The entire structure stands about 39 inches tall and 24 inches wide.

2. Bolas

Bolas are unique to ladder golf. Each bola consists of 2 golf balls connected by a nylon rope. The standard length of the rope is 24 inches, which, when taut, separates the ball 13 inches. They need to be well-balanced and durable to withstand repeated throws and outdoor conditions. Different teams typically used different bola colors.

How to Make a Ladder Golf Game Set

While you can purchase “professional” ladder golf game sets made from real wood, don’t be afraid to go the DIY route! Constructing your own ladder golf game set is straightforward, as long as you have all the tools and materials on hand.

1. Gathering the Materials

To construct a single golf ladder rack, you will need the following:

  • ¾-inch PVC straight pipe, 13 inches (8 pieces)
  • ¾-inch PVC straight pipe, 24 inches (5 pieces)
  • ¾-inch PVC tee fitting (6 pieces)
  • ¾-inch PVC 90° elbow fitting (2 pieces)
  • PVC glue

In total, you will need 18 feet 8 inches of PVC pipe.

For the bolas, you will need:

  • Power drill with 3/8-inch drill bit (to drill holes into the golf balls)
  • Golf balls (12 balls, preferably 2 different colors—spray paint is optional)
  • 3/8-inch rope, 24 inches (6 pieces)
  • Masking tape

In total, you will need 12 feet of rope.

Lighter (for melting the ends of the rope)

2. Cutting and Drilling

Prepare the PVC pipes to the aforementioned sizes and amounts. For the golf balls, carefully drill a 3/8-inch hole through each. Caution is advised with newer golf balls as they may have a liquid core.

3. Painting (Optional)

To add a personal touch, paint the PVC pieces before assembly. Choose colors that suit your style—for example, patriotic red, blue, and white. Spread out the pieces on plastic or cardboard and apply an even coat of spray paint.

4. Preparing the Bolas

Wrap the masking tape around the 3/8-inch rope at 24-inch intervals. This prevents fraying during cutting and aids in melting. Cut in the middle of each taped section. Melt one end of the rope pieces with a lighter, being careful not to enlarge the melted part beyond 3/8 inch.

For each bola, tie a knot at one end of a rope piece, thread two golf balls, and tie another knot, ensuring the balls are 13 inches apart. Trim and melt the excess rope at the end. Remove the tape.

5. Assembling the Ladder

Consider how you will store and transport the set to decide which joints not to glue for easy disassembly. Glue the joints as desired, except for the parts that need to remain detachable, like the feet of the ladder. Allow the glue to set properly.


1. What are the standard dimensions for a competitive ladder golf set?

A competitive ladder golf set typically consists of a ladder with three rungs. The ladder is about 39 inches tall, and the rungs are spaced about 13 inches apart. Each rung is about 24 inches wide. The ladder’s base should be stable and wide enough to prevent tipping over during play.

2. Can ladder golf dimensions be adjusted for children or beginners?

Yes, ladder golf dimensions can be adjusted for children or beginners. The height of the ladder can be reduced to make it more accessible for kids. You can also space the rungs closer together to make scoring easier for beginners. Adjusting the rope length of the bolas (the balls connected by a string) can also help beginners.

3. Is it better to buy a pre-made set or build your own?

Buying a pre-made set is convenient and ensures you get a set with standard dimensions, which is great for competitive play. These sets are ready to use right out of the box. However, building your own can be a fun DIY project. It allows you to customize the dimensions and appearance, which can be great for kids, beginners, or if you want a set that stands out.