Things that Are 20 Inches Long

Are you having trouble figuring out what 20 inches looks like? Sure, you could convert it to feet (1-3/4 feet) or meters (0.508 meters), but these figures don’t explain how 20 inches looks in the real world. Instead, what you can do is use everyday objects as size references.

Here’s a breakdown of everyday objects measuring approximately 20 inches long:

  • Carry-on suitcase
  • French rolling pin
  • Napkin
  • 2 size 10 shoes
  • 3 hand lengths
  • Ring light
  • Bandana
  • 3 pencils
  • 7 hockey pucks
  • 3 dinner spoons

1. Carry-on Suitcase

Carry on Suitcase

If you’re a frequent flyer, then you probably have an old carry-on suitcase on hand. These suitcases are smaller than checked luggage, which is 62 linear inches for most airlines. Carry-on suitcases need to be smaller to fit inside the overhead cabin or beneath the seat in front of you.

While the precise dimensions of carry-on suitcases vary between models, the largest size allowed by the TSA is 22 inches long. Using this as a reference, you’re only 2 inches over the 20-inch mark you’re looking to visualize.

2. French Rolling Pin

French Rolling Pin

Like suitcases, rolling pins come in a wide assortment of sizes. There are also various rolling pin styles, each with their own sets of ups and downs. If you find yourself experimenting in the kitchen quite often, then there’s one rolling pin that will meet all of your needs: the French rolling pin.

These are tapered rolling pins that usually measure 20 inches long. They don’t have handles set in place with ball bearings, so they’re a lot easier to clean and sanitize than traditional rolling pins.

3. Napkin


Do you host dinner parties often? If so, then you probably have a stack of dinner napkins in your linen closet. Just pop these reusable napkins in your washing machine, and they’re ready for the next party you throw. They also come in handy in casual settings, though disposable napkins may be the more appropriate choice.

Napkins come in all sizes, but the traditional dinner napkin is 20 inches on all sides. You can also use cocktail napkins as a size reference since they usually measure 10 × 10 inches, so 2 of them will do.

4. 2 Size 9.5 Shoes

2 Size 9.5 Shoes

Did you know the average shoe size in the US is 9-12 for men and 7-9 for women? These are only the average ranges, so your particular set of footwear may be a lot different, especially if you’re the most dominant center in the history of the NBA. Whatever the case may be, if you sport size 9.5 shoes (7.5 for Mexican shoes), then your shoes are the perfect tools for measuring 20 inches.

Each shoe will have a length of 10 inches or so. Place one in front of the other, and voila! Just like that, you have an easy way of measuring 20 inches without a ruler!

5. 3 Hand Lengths

3 Hand Lengths

While we’re on the subjects of body parts with varying measurements between individuals, take a long, hard look at your hands. If you fall within the average hand size range, then the distance between your thumb and pinky when extended should be around 7.6 inches.

Now, try to imagine having 3 hands that you can place next to each other in a relatively straight line. Granted, the total length will be over 22 inches, but that’s close enough to visualize what 20 inches looks like without a tape measure.

6. Ring Light

Ring Light

Many of us dream about becoming popular YouTubers or vloggers with millions of followers. However, only a few of us can achieve this dream. That’s not to say you won’t make it, but if you’re going to try, then you might want to have a ring light to cast a glow on your beautiful face.

Ring lights are exactly what they sound like—ring-shaped lights. They’re supposed to shine a bright light on your face to highlight your features and make you look better for the camera. You can find ring lights in all sizes, but 20-inch right lights, such as the NEEWER Ring Light RP20-B, is a popular choice.

7. Bandana


Don’t like how your hair looks in the morning? Cover it with a bandana! Want to keep dust out of your face while riding horseback across the plains? A bandana will do the trick! Or perhaps you want to subtly signal your lifestyle and specific kinks? Do so with a bandana!

Bandanas come in all sorts of motifs and sizes, but rectangular ones with a 20-inch side is quite common. The standard bandana size is 22 × 22 inches, but larger ones can go up to 27 × 27 inches.

8. 3 Pencils

3 Pencils

Pencils are writing tools made of wood with a lead center. Well, it’s called lead, but there’s not actually any lead inside modern-day pencils. In fact, there has never been an ounce of lead in pencils historically. The lead is made up of graphite, a non-toxic material that leaves a dark smudge on paper when friction is involved.

If you grab an unsharpened #2 pencil, it should measure 7-1/2 inches from end to end, including the pink eraser. 3 of them in a line should get you about 22-1/2 inches, which is pretty close to 20 inches.

9. 7 Hockey Pucks

7 Hockey Pucks

Hockey is one of the most exciting sports; the most exciting part is when players deliver haymakers on each other’s faces. Fighting is a natural part of the sport, which allows players to police themselves without too much interference from the refs. Regardless of the outcome, all players involved will get a 5-minute timeout.

But enough about the boxing part of hockey—let’s shift our focus to the puck. The puck, which is made of vulcanized rubber, measures 3 inches across. 7 of them will get you to 21 inches, but if you stack 20 of them on top of each other, they’ll give you a collective height of 20 inches on the dot!