White Claw Sizes

If you’re keeping up with hard seltzers, White Claw sizes might be right up your alley. As one of the leading brands in this category, the dimensions and volumes of White Claw can choices is both fascinating and practical for consumers.

White Claw is typically sold in four sizes:

  • 12 oz measuring around 2.25 × 6.125 inches
  • 16 oz measuring around 2.6 × 6.19 inches
  • 19.2 oz measuring around 2.6 × 7.41 inches
  • 24 oz measuring around 3.43 × 5.56 inches

This guide will explain why size matters, the various White Claw can sizes, and how the nutritional value differs between cans.

White Claw sizes
Illustration: © OmniSizes, 2023, White Claw Sizes

Why White Claw Can Size Matters

White Claw, a name synonymous with refreshing hard seltzers, has taken the beverage market by storm. But with several sizes available, consumers might wonder why the size of their can matters at all. The answer lies not just in the volume of the drink but in a blend of consumer preference, event suitability, portability, and, of course, the alcohol content.

Consumer Preferences and Choices

Everyone has their own drinking habits. Some prefer a short, quick drink, while others want to savor their beverage over a longer period. With White Claw offering various sizes, consumers can pick a size that aligns with their drinking style.

Event and Occasion Suitability

Consider hosting a summer BBQ or a picnic at the beach. The size of the White Claw can you choose can set the tone for the event. Mini cans are great for tasting sessions or when offering a variety of flavors. On the other hand, tall cans might be the choice for longer events where guests can enjoy their drink without frequent trips to the cooler.

Portability and Convenience

Heading out for a hike or a day at the beach? Portability becomes a factor. Smaller cans are easier to fit into backpacks or coolers, making them a convenient choice for on-the-go activities. However, if you’re settling in one spot, a larger can might be more practical as it lasts longer.

Alcohol Content and Consumption

The size of the White Claw can also determine the amount of alcohol consumed. While the alcohol by volume (ABV) remains consistent across sizes, the actual alcohol content varies. For instance, a 12 oz can at 4.5% ABV contains more alcohol than a 7 oz can at the same percentage. This is a point to consider, especially for those monitoring their alcohol intake.

The Various Sizes of White Claw

White Claw caters to a broad audience with varying preferences with its array of flavors and sizes. The available sizes include 12, 16, 19.2, and 24 oz. Not all White Claw products are available in every size.

12 oz

The 12 oz White Claw can is perhaps the most recognized among its counterparts. It’s the middle ground, offering a decent volume without being too hefty.

  • Volume and Appeal: With 12 ounces of refreshing seltzer, it’s enough for a satisfying drink without committing to a larger volume.
  • Popular Flavors: This size offers the widest variety of flavors, from Black Cherry to Mango.
  • Occasions: Ideal for casual gatherings, BBQs, or a night out with friends.

16 oz

The 16 oz can is for those who find the 12 oz just a tad too small. It offers that extra volume, making it perfect for longer sipping sessions.

  • Volume Details: At 16 ounces, it’s a moderate step up from the standard, providing a bit more of your favorite hard seltzer.
  • Flavor Options: While the flavor choices might be slightly fewer than the 12 oz, the popular ones are readily available.
  • Best Suited For: Extended hangouts, picnics, or when you want your drink to last a bit longer without going for the largest options.

19.2 oz

The 19.2 oz is often referred to as the tall can. It’s a noticeable jump from the 16 oz and caters to those wanting a longer-lasting drink.

  • Volume Breakdown: With 19.2 ounces, it’s leaning towards the larger end of the White Claw spectrum. A single can might be enough for an entire event for some.
  • Available Flavors: The tall can might have a select flavor range, but it includes the fan favorites.
  • Perfect For: Extended social events, beach days, or when sharing sips with a friend.

24 oz

The 24 oz White Claw is the largest available size. It’s the ultimate choice for those who are committed to their flavor of choice and want a drink that lasts.

  • Volume Insights: A whopping 24 ounces makes it a sizable drink. It’s great for those who know they love their chosen flavor and want plenty of it.
  • Flavor Varieties: Given its size, the flavor options might be limited, but it includes the top-selling ones.
  • Ideal Occasions: Large gatherings, parties, or for those who simply don’t want to keep grabbing a new can every so often.

Nutritional Differences by Size

With each White Claw size comes a slight variation in nutritional content. The base formula may remain the same, but the total nutrients you receive per can may vary drastically.

Size Calories Carbohydrates (g) ABV% Total Alcohol Content (oz)
12 oz 100 2 5% 0.6 oz
16 oz 133 2.7 5% 0.8 oz
19.2 oz 160 3.4 5% 0.96 oz
24 oz 200 4 5% 1.2 oz

Note: The calories, carbs, and ABV% vary between flavor


1. Are there any limited edition sizes?

While White Claw may release limited edition flavors, can sizes remain the same. For instance, the Pineapple Seltzer variety is sold in 12 oz cans. Keep an eye on the official website if you’d like to learn more about promotional flavors and packaging.

2. Are there mixed size packs?

No, there are not. You can pick up White Claw variety packs, which include multiple flavors in a box. However, as of right now, there are no boxes that contain multiple sizes, whether those are single or a variety of flavor offerings.

3. Do all flavors come in all sizes?

Not necessarily. As noted above, the Pineapple Seltzer pack is sold in 12 oz. cans and no other sizes. Usually, only the best-selling or original flavors are made available in multiple sizes.