Laptop Bag Sizes

Do you have to carry around a heavy laptop with you all day? Then it sounds like you need the perfect laptop bag size. Their sizes vary widely to accommodate laptops of different dimensions. So, what sizes are common for laptop bags?

Typical laptop bag sizes range from 10.2 to 17.2 inches wide and 8 to 12.5 inches tall. The ideal laptop bag size will suit your laptop’s dimensions without leaving too much room to wiggle. They typically feature padded compartments, multiple pockets, and adjustable straps for added support and security.

This guide will take you through the basics, from how laptop bags differ from other bag styles, what sizes they come in, and how to measure your laptop for the perfect bag.

What Is a Laptop Bag?

What Is a Laptop Bag

As its name suggests, laptop bags are specifically designed to carry your laptop. Unlike regular bags, these are tailored to protect and transport laptops safely.

Design and Structure

Laptop bags stand out with their unique design. They come with a dedicated, often padded, compartment to snugly fit and protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. This is a game-changer compared to regular bags or backpacks, where your device might jostle around. Plus, they often feature additional pockets and compartments for accessories like chargers, headphones, and notebooks.

Materials and Durability

Materials used in laptop bags are chosen for durability and protection, like nylon, leather, or polyester. Not only are these materials tough, but they’re also weather-resistant to some degree. They need to be tough to protect your delicate device and its accessories from harm.


Laptop bags are designed with comfort in mind. They often have padded straps or handles. A well-designed laptop bag distributes weight evenly, reducing strain on your shoulders and back.

Standard Laptop Bag Sizes

When you’re hunting for the perfect laptop bag, size really does matter. Standard laptop bag sizes are crafted to snugly fit the most common laptop dimensions. Here are common dimensions of typical briefcase-style laptop bags:

1. Bags for 10-Inch Laptops

These bags are perfect for smaller, more portable laptops or tablets. They’re compact, easy to carry, and ideal for those on-the-go moments. This is the ‘small but mighty’ category in the laptop bag world.

Size: Around 10.2 × 8 inches

2. Bags for 13-14 Inch Laptops

This size hits the sweet spot for many users. It’s not too big, not too small, and fits most standard laptops used by professionals and students. If you’ve got a MacBook or a similar sized laptop, this is your go-to.

Size: Around 14 × 10.2 inches

3. Bags for 14-15 Inch Laptops

Ideal for those who need a bit more room, these bags cater to a range of 14 to 15-inch laptops. They’re the middle ground that offer more space for your device and its companions without being too bulky.

Size: Around 15 × 11.4 inches

4. Bags for 16-17 Inch Laptops

If you own a larger, more powerful laptop, this is your category. These bags are designed for heftier laptops, often used by gamers or graphic designers. They offer ample space, not just for your laptop, but for all the extras you might carry.

Size: Around 17.2 × 12.5 inches

Laptop Bag Styles

If you’re looking for a different laptop bag style, there’s good news: there’s no shortage of options! Let’s take a closer look at the different laptop bag styles and see what they have to offer.

1. Backpacks


Backpacks are the go-to for comfort and casual style. They distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, making them a favorite for students and commuters. Many come with multiple compartments, perfect for carrying everything from your laptop to gym gear.

Typical Size: Varies, but often fits laptops up to 17 inches.

2. Messenger Bags

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are all about urban style mixed with practicality. Worn across the body, they give you quick access to your laptop, making them ideal for cyclists or city walkers. They often have a more professional look, suitable for the office too.

Typical Size: Usually for laptops up to 15 inches.

3. Rolling Bags

Rolling Bags

For the frequent traveler, rolling laptop bags are a lifesaver. They take the weight off your shoulders and glide along beside you. They’re roomy enough for your laptop and all your travel needs, making airport sprints a breeze.

Typical Size: Fit laptops up to 17 inches, with extra space for travel essentials.

4. Sleeve Cases

Sleeve Cases

If you’re all about minimalism, the sleeve case is your match. Designed to fit your laptop like a glove, they’re perfect for protecting your device from scratches without the bulk. Slip it into another bag, and you’re good to go.

Typical Size: Snug fit for laptops, varying from 10 to 17 inches.

Measuring Your Laptop for the Perfect Bag

This guide has discussed various laptop bag sizes and how they fit different laptop sizes, but do you actually know how to choose the correct bag size? Luckily, it all boils down to the size of your laptop. The only real tool you need for this job is a ruler or tape measure.

1. Measure the Width

Width is the longest horizontal side of your laptop. Place your measuring tape or ruler horizontally across the widest part of your laptop, from left to right.

2. Measure the Depth

Measure the vertical side, from the top edge to the bottom. This is often the shorter side, but in flip-style laptops, it could be longer.

3. Measure the Height

Close your laptop and measure its thickness from top to bottom. Don’t forget to include any protruding parts like rubber feet or clasps.

Laptop Dimensions Chart

Don’t have a tape measure or ruler on hand? Feel free to use this simple chart to get a rough estimate of your laptop’s dimensions. All you need to know is the marketed size of your laptop (the screen’s diagonal measurement).

Laptop Size (inches) Length (inches) Width (inches) Height when Shut (inches)
11-12 11.5 7.6 0.6-0.8
13 12.35 8.6 0.6-0.8
14 12.7 8.9 0.7-0.9
15-15.6 14 9.6 0.7-0.9
16 14.6 10 0.8-1.0
17 15.4 10.6 0.8-1.2

When in doubt, you can always refer to your laptop’s paperwork for its physical dimensions. Remember that the corners and any protruding parts on your laptop can affect its overall dimensions.