Ironing Board Sizes

Ironing boards help make the tiresome chore of ironing slightly bearable. The right ironing board is about maximizing efficiency and comfort. The variety in ironing board sizes caters to different needs and spaces. So, what ironing board sizes are available?

Ironing boards come in several sizes, ranging from approximately 12 × 31 inches (30.5 × 78.7 cm) to 18 × 56 inches (45.7 × 142.3 cm). One of the more common ironing board sizes is 12 × 32 inches (30.5 × 81.3 cm).

This guide will go over the sizes of standard and specialized ironing boards, as well as describe the various features and accessories that come with these simple tools.

Standard Ironing Board Sizes

Typical ironing board sizes

When choosing an ironing board, understanding standard sizes is essential. These sizes are designed to accommodate a range of ironing needs and space limitations. Ironing boards typically come in two main categories: full-size and tabletop. Each category serves different purposes and has its unique advantages.

Full-Size Ironing Boards

Full-size ironing boards are the most common and versatile. They usually measure around 15 inches in width and 54 inches in length. They can also come with adjustable height settings, which can range from 28 to 36 inches (71 to 91.4 cm) to provide comfort and ergonomics while ironing.

The main advantage of full-size boards is their large surface area. However, they can be bulky and require more storage space. They are also generally heavier, making them less portable than smaller boards. Despite this, their durability and versatility make them a popular choice for most households.

Tabletop Ironing Boards

Tabletop ironing boards are compact and designed for smaller spaces or occasional use. They typically measure around 12 to 15 inches wide and 30 to 36 inches long (30.5 to 38 cm wide and 76 to 91.4 cm long). Their compact size makes them easy to store in confined spaces like closets or under beds.

The primary advantage of tabletop ironing boards is their portability and ease of storage. They are also generally more affordable than full-size boards. However, their small surface area can make ironing larger items more challenging. They may also lack the stability and features of larger boards, such as iron rests or adjustable heights.

Specialized Ironing Board Sizes

Specialized ironing boards cater to specific needs and preferences, offering a range of sizes and features. These include mini ironing boards, extra-large ironing boards, and wall-mounted or built-in models.

Mini Ironing Boards

Mini ironing boards are the epitome of convenience for those with limited space or who travel frequently. They typically measure around 5 to 12 inches wide and 12 to 30 inches long (12.7 to 30.5 cm wide and 30.5 to 76 cm long). Despite their small size, they are quite functional for quick ironing tasks.

These ironing boards are perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, or as a portable option for travelers. They work well for quick touch-ups, craft projects, or small clothing items. Their compact size makes them easy to store in tight spaces, such as in drawers or luggage.

Extra-Large Ironing Boards

Extra-large ironing boards are designed for those who have ample space and iron large items regularly. These boards can measure up to 19 to 24 inches wide and 55 to 63 inches long (48.3 to 61 cm wide and 139.7 to 160 cm long). They offer expansive space for ironing large items like tablecloths, drapes, and bedding.

The large surface area of extra-large boards allows for efficient ironing of big items. These boards often come with advanced features like robust iron rests, sleeve attachments, and multiple height adjustments. They are ideal for heavy-duty use or for those who iron frequently.

Wall-Mounted and Built-In Ironing Boards

Wall-mounted and built-in ironing boards are space-saving solutions that can be installed in closets, laundry rooms, or other small areas. They vary in size but are generally similar in surface area to full-size boards. These models can be folded away when not in use.

These boards typically require professional installation and are ideal for homes where space is at a premium. They often come with additional storage options for ironing accessories. When choosing a wall-mounted or built-in board, consider the wall space and the board’s protrusion into the room when opened.

Top Ironing Board Picks and Their Sizes

Product Size Notes
Honey-Can-Do Folding Tabletop Ironing Board 12 × 32 in. Collapsible

Padded feet

Iron rest included

Brabantia Size C Ironing Board 18 × 49 in. Linen rack included

Left and right-hand friendly

Transport locks

Household Essentials Steel Top Long Ironing Board 14 × 54 in. Steel frame

Heat resistant

Black leg caps

Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board 12 × 29 in. Vented cover

Retractable hook

No-skid protectors

Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board 19 × 51 in. Washable cotton cover

Height adjustable

Hanging rack attachment

Additional Iron Board Features and Accessories

Ironing boards come with a variety of features and accessories that enhance their functionality and convenience, which include:

1. Iron Rests

Iron rests are a common feature on many ironing boards. They provide a safe and convenient place to set down your iron while adjusting garments or taking a break. Iron rests can be either fixed or retractable and are often made of heat-resistant materials to prevent damage to the ironing board.

2. Sleeve Attachments

Sleeve attachments, also known as sleeve boards, are small, narrow boards that attach to the main ironing board. They are specifically designed for ironing shirt sleeves and small or hard-to-reach areas of garments.

3. Storage Options

Many ironing boards come with additional storage options to help keep ironing essentials organized and within reach. These can include shelves, hangers, or storage compartments built into the ironing board.

Storage options are particularly useful for keeping ironing accessories like starch, water sprayers, or lint rollers handy. They also help to maintain a clutter-free ironing area, making the ironing process more efficient and enjoyable.

4. Adjustable Height and Tilt

Adjustable height and tilt mechanisms are important features for ergonomics and comfort. These features allow you to set the ironing board at a comfortable height and angle, reducing strain on your back and arms.

5. Covers and Padding

The quality of the cover and padding on an ironing board greatly affects the ironing experience. Covers come in various materials like cotton, silicone-coated, or metallic, each offering different benefits.

A good cover and padding provide a smooth surface for easy ironing and prevent mesh patterns from the ironing board from imprinting on clothes. Some covers are designed to reflect heat, speeding up the ironing process, while others are scorch-resistant for added durability.